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The biNu App Experience


Data is highly compressed between the biNu server and the app, making it run extermely fast on mobile phones. Extensive caching also means that the same data is hardly ever sent twice if it hasn't changed.

Any Phone

biNu uses cloud technology to run a wide range of popular applications virtually. This means that biNu apps work on almost any device with a data connection and screen size larger than 128x160 pixels. All Java feature phones and Android devices are supported.

Any Language

Regardless of the languages supported by the phone, any language or font can be displayed. This is because biNu displays content as images on the screen.

A selection of biNu Apps


  • Fast, free access to Facebook.
  • News feed, wall, comments, likes, photos, friends and more.
  • Includes fully-featured Facebook Messenger.


  • Lightweight, fast Twitter access.
  • Stream, followers, profile, retweets, favourites and more.
  • Includes sending DMs.

Google Search

  • Super-fast Google searches, normally under 3s.
  • Search text, images or video.


  • Search, browse or view popular Youtube videos.
  • View details and preview of each video.
  • Play or stream videos (if device is compatible).

Google Translate

  • Translate text fast between over 100 languages.
  • Integrates with a number of other biNu apps.


  • Live news feeds from hundreds of global news sources.
  • Feeds from many countries in several languages.
  • Add favourite feeds and share with friends.


  • Complete social experience connecting with thousands of other users.
  • Includes friends lists, news feed, chat and more.


  • Send messages anywhere in the world.
  • Includes free email, SMS and biNu messages.
  • Unlimited inbox and outbox size.

Worldreader Books

  • Choose from thousands of books to download - fast and for free.
  • Keep bookmarks in your current books.
  • Well known classics to Mills and Boon.

biNu Cricket

  • Live cricket scores, ball-by-ball commentary & cricket news for IPL, T20, Test & ODI matches.
  • Support for Hindi, Tamil, Urdu and Bangla languages.
  • News from ESPN, Cricinfo, Sky sport channels and more.

biNu Football

  • Live Football scores, fixtures, results and league tables.
  • Team information and player profiles.
  • All Football Leagues including EPL (English Premier League) La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and UEFA.


  • Go online and meet new people.
  • Chat with your friends any time on biNu.
  • All for free.


  • Search and find friends on biNu.
  • Including features such as 'Popular Users' and 'Suggested Friends'.


  • Play games on biNu and take a quiz on a variety of topics.
  • Games include Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, our Text Based Adventure Game and more.


  • Store and save your favourite photos, videos, soundclips, music and more with My Media.

Mills & Boon

  • Read the latest romance and lust stories from Mills & Boon on biNu.

News Feed

  • Share whatever is on your mind with news feed.
  • Includes uploading photos and receiving notifications.
  • Keep updated on your friends' status anytime.


  • Take a quiz and test your knowledge on a variety of subjects!
  • Browse or search millions of educational flashcards on almost any subject with Quizlet.
  • Categories include Arts, Literature, Languages, Vocabulary, Maths, Science, History, Geography and more.


  • Earn biNu credits by answering one of our surveys on a variety of topics.
  • Share it with your friends online through biNu Beats, biNu Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS.


  • Download and listen to your favourite music with Tavoom.
  • Share with friends on biNu.

Holy Bible

  • Read The Holy Bible for free in biNu. Browse and search for specific books, chapters and verses, with the option to change language at any time.
  • Share passages through biNu beats with your friends.

Holy Quran

  • Read the Quran fast and free in English and over 20 other languages.
  • Explore the Quran through both Sura and Aya search options, change language at any time.
  • Share passages through biNu beats with your friends.


  • Record voice messages on your phone and share them with your friends.


  • Local weather conditions and forecast for any city in the world with Yahoo Weather.


  • Search the world's largest online encyclopedia through biNu.
  • Share interesting topics with your friends online through biNu beats.


  • Wordnik provides English dictionary definitions for any word in the English language.
  • Includes a 'Word Of The Day' feature to help increase your knowledge.
  • Just type a word or phrase into the app to begin.

biNu Beats

  • With biNu beats you can share your thoughts with the biNu community all over the world.
  • Chat about any topic, share biNu content you have enjoyed and make new friends.

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